A Better Way to Learn English

For Medical Professionals in Japan

perfecting your english is easier than you think

In Japan, adult English learning is designed for English language hobbyists and professionals seeking high TOIEC scores. And, to a degree it works. But it lacks sophistication. Personalization. Flexibility. And, most importantly, it lacks the body of language and knowledge specifically needed by medical professionals in Japan.

That’s why I created O.K! Huh? Funny name. Big mission. And that is, to help as many medical affiliated professionals in Japan like yourself get comfortable with English so you can help as many people as possible, regardless of nationality.

Hi, I’m Doc Kane…

I’m a medical writer with ten years of experience, and co-founder of the Japanese literature translation firm, Maplopo. I’m also a Cambridge University CELTA certified English language instructor, and work with a select few medical professionals here in Japan (in person in Kobe), and via Zoom elsewhere. 

I’ve worked with multiple large classes of nursing students at Amagasaki Kango, occupational therapists and voice therapists at the Foundation for Children & Family Service of Hyogo, private physicians in Kobe, medical CEOs in Hiroshima, EMT teams in Osaka, and I’m an instructor at the Kobe YMCA and YWCA.

If you want to be a lifelong learner and practitioner of English, I’ll show you how to do it without spending a lifetime of money doing it.

You’ll gain greater confidence in your clinic or hospital… in emergency situations if you’re an EMT, or nurse. Each medical professional I work with takes learning English seriously. They want to get better, and they work hard at it. Together we make a difference… for you, for your patients, and for me, even. I love learning and learn so much from my doctor, nurse, and EMT clients.

If you’re committed to learning, I can help you finally reach your goal of English fluency so you can, in turn, help as many people as possible. 


Complimentary Tests

Occasionally, medical professionals have tests to prepare for, or just want to judge their skills against others in Japan by taking the Eiken, TOIEC, or IELTS tests. Others are interested in medical translating. Because of this, I cover the cost of complimentary Eiken, TOIEC, or IELTS test for each student during their time with me

Online Studies

Custom study materials using situational grammar that will help you understand contextual language, medical vocabulary, and role-playing every day situations. Audio files included!

Reach Your Goals

Proven methods help you reach your goals. Gain confidence. Help other peers in need of help with translation into English. Help your hospital with the creation of bi-lingual paperwork. Whatever your goals, I'm here to help.

My Guarantee

I have an impossible guarantee.

Because I believe nothing within reason is truly impossible, and I believe in you. With your dedication, you’ll get there.

So, here’s my simple guarantee.

If you have don’t reach the quarterly waypoints in your learning, or are unhappy with your learning during that timeframe, we will return every yen you’ve spent with us for that entire quarter. No questions asked.

Want to learn more? 

Reach send us an email at, connect@okhuh.com

We Believe

Communication is connecting. And when you’re a medical professional, connecting is EVERYTHING.